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Chair Pack With Pelvic Reset Digital Class

Chair Pack With Pelvic Reset Digital Class

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Get our 4 most popular classes for improving your mobility, strength & posture for only $27

Variation is the spice of life! With this 4 class bundle you’ll never get bored. Each class brings a different way to exercise that ensures your entire body gets the workout it needs to fix daily aches & pains.

All classes are gentle on the body and perfect for anyone with limited mobility, strength or endurance—and almost all classes are done from a chair or holding onto a chair for added safety and support!

What you’ll get:

1) Chair Pilates II (Regularly $45)

✅ 10 days of classes

✅ 10 minutes each

✅ Improves mobility & balance

✅ Increases strength & overall fitness

✅ Reduces stiffness and inflammation

2) Chair Yoga (Regularly $45)

✅ 10 days of classes

✅ 30 minutes each

✅ Reduces the likelihood of falls

✅ Improves flexibility & mobility

✅ Reduces stress & improves sleep

3) Better Balance With Chair Assisted Leg Strengthening (Regularly $45)

✅ 7 days of classes

✅ 25 minutes each

✅ Improves balance & reduces risk of falls

✅ Increases core strength

✅ Strengthens legs

4) Pelvic Reset For Lower Back Pain Relief (Regularly $45)

✅ 10 days of classes

✅ 15 minutes each

✅ Improves back strength & mobility

✅ Helps you reach & bend further

✅ Reduces joint pain

= Total value of $188

Get all 4 courses for only $27 as a special discount (but it’s only available right now with your purchase today).

How to use

If you are purchasing a digital class, you will be prompted to login after purchase. You can use the class immediately.

If you are purchasing a DVD, we will ship the DVD out to you within 48 hours of purchase!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee for 90 days. If for whatever reason you are not pleased with a class, we will refund you. If you want to try out another class, we can swap out any class for another! 

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