Overcome Hip & Ankle Problems— In Less Than 20 Minutes A Day

Improve how you move, get better balance & reduce the risk of stumbles—by getting rid of the pain in your hips & ankles

Hip & Ankle Restoration Pack
Hip & Ankle Restoration Pack

Hip & Ankle Restoration Pack


Two classes for less than the price of 1!

The Hip & Ankle Restoration Pack includes two programs:

1. Daily Hip Restoration

2. 5 Day Chair-Assisted Ankle Strength Class

Your hips and your ankles are two key areas that determine how well you move. Both areas support and hold up your entire body. When they’re well taken care of you’ll have better balance, flexibility and improved range of motion.

Combined, these two classes strengthen the muscles that support your hip & ankle joints. You’ll experience less pain because you’ll have more stability from those muscles. The result is better mobility & function.


12 Days Of Classes

10-20 Mins/Session


What The Hip & Ankle Restoration Pack Will Do For You…

✅ Reduce joint pain
✅ Increase mobility
✅ Improve balance & stability
✅ Increase lower body strength
✅ Normalize your walking pattern & improve gait
✅ Stabilize your hips & pelvis

Who Is The Hip & Ankle Restoration Pack For?

- Anyone with stiffness, pain or arthritis in their hips
- People who want better balance & mobility
- Anyone with weak ankles
- Older adults who often stumble
- Anyone who has trouble walking normally

What You'll Get

✅ 7 Days of Daily Hip Restoration Classes
✅ 20 minutes per session
✅ 5 Days of Chair-Assisted Ankle Strengthening Classes
✅ 10 minutes per session
✅ Gentle & safe
✅ Own all classes for life (for a one-time payment)
✅ 2 classes for less than the price of 1 (85% savings)

Watch the class previews below

Instructor: Dr. Ben Stevens
Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, CSCS, CES/PES, personal trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get down on the floor and back up?

Yes. Some exercises are done standing, some with a chair, and some are done on the floor.

What equipment is needed?

You’ll need a chair, resistance bank, yoga block and a mat. Optional: a foam roller.

How physically demanding is this class?

It’s rated as “easy.” All exercises are simple, gentle and designed specifically for anyone with limited strength, mobility & endurance.

How do I watch my classes?

Once you make your purchase, you’ll receive a login to watch all your classes from our website. You can watch your classes from any device, including your phone, tablet or computer. You will own & have online access to each easy-to-follow video forever with absolutely NO subscription fees.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you do not LOVE this class, simply email us within 90 days and we will refund you 100% with NO questions asked, PLUS we'll give you any replacement class you want for free! 

Hip & Ankle Restoration Pack
Hip & Ankle Restoration Pack

78% Off

Hip & Ankle Restoration Pack