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Improved Floor to Standing Strengthening Program DVD

Improved Floor to Standing Strengthening Program DVD

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Who Else Wants To Be Able To Get Up Off The Floor Easier—And Look More Natural Doing It Too?

Here’s how to get the strength & stability needed to get up with confidence while smoothing out the transition as you stand—without any floor exercises!

  • 5 Days Of Classes
  • ~25 Minutes/Session
  • Chair-Assisted
  • Rated: Easy
  • Equipment: Chair; Yoga Mat; Dumbbells

Instructor: Maria Raitt

There are 5 key components involved in safely & smoothly getting up from the floor. Each day focuses on improving 1 of the 5 specific components so that by the end of the course your “floor-to-standing muscles” will have the strength, mobility & balance to make it easier to stand up.

  • Day 1: Upper body strength—improves ability to push yourself upright
  • Day 2: Core strength—stabilizes your body throughout the movement
  • Day 3: Lower body mobility—improves ability to position feet, ankles & legs where they need to be for optimal support & strength
  • Day 4: Balance training—keeps you stable as your body shifts between positions
  • Day 5: Lower body strength—powers you up onto your feet

You’ll also get a step-by-step demonstration that teaches you the precise series of movements & proper techniques for safely getting up off the floor.  You’ll learn how to push yourself up, where to position your arms & legs, and how to stabilize your body as you stand.

Note: NONE of the exercises in this class are performed from the floor. Exercises are performed primarily from a standing position with the aid of a chair. Only at the end of this program, if you’re ready to try the floor-to-standing movement, will you be given the option to practice getting up from the floor.

Watch the class preview below:

Who is this course for?

  • Older adults struggling to get up from the floor
  • Anyone with limited strength, balance or mobility
  • People who are avoiding hobbies like gardening due to issues with getting down & up
  • Grandparents who want to be able to get down on the floor to play with their grandkids
  • People who have to hold onto furniture to get up
  • Anyone who gets embarrassed when others see them struggling to stand up
  • Older adults who want to maintain their independence
  • Those who want to be stronger, more mobile & confident

What are the benefits?

  • Improved ability to get up off the ground
  • Improved upper body strength to push yourself up
  • Improved core strength & stability
  • Greater lower body strength & mobility
  • Increased ankle stability & mobility
  • Improved balance
  • A stronger lower & upper body
  • Improved confidence! 
  • Bonus: These exercises also improve your walk & sit-to-stand

With this class, you'll get:

  • 5 days of step-by-step classes
  • ~25 minutes/class
  • No floorwork required
  • Closed captioning
  • A hard copy DVD mailed directly to your door
  • Own all classes for life (NO subscription)
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Do I need to get down on the floor and back up?  There is ZERO floorwork for all exercises. Each exercise is performed either from a chair or standing & holding onto a chair for support. However, there is an optional movement on the last day to practice getting up off the floor. 
  • What equipment is needed? You'll need a chair, an exercise mat, a light set of dumbbells, access to a wall or counter, and space to move.
  • How physically demanding is this class? This is an easy class designed specifically for anyone who struggles to get up off the floor.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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