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Osteoporosis Exercises For Strong Bones Digital Class

Osteoporosis Exercises For Strong Bones Digital Class

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The 4 Not-So-Secret Ingredients You Need To Include In Your Exercise Routine If You Want Stronger Bones

Here’s how to get stronger bones, manage osteoporosis & reduce the risk of fractures or falls—without any floorwork

  • 7 Days Of Classes
  • 30 Minutes/Session
  • No floorwork
  • Rated: Easy/Gentle
  • Equipment: Chair; Dumbbells; Resistance Band; Pillow (Or Towel); Yoga Mat (Or Firm Bed)

Just like how being inactive causes muscle loss, it also causes bone loss. So the best thing you can do is start exercising! Exercise can not only slow or prevent bone loss, but it also helps build up your functional strength—so you reduce the risk of a fracture while also making all your daily activities easier to do. That’s a win-win. 

In this class, you’ll be focusing on the 4 types of exercise that have the biggest impact on your bone health:

  1. Resistance Training
  2. Aerobic Exercises
  3. Posture Exercises
  4. Balance Training

Each day focuses on 1 type of exercise (resistance, aerobic, active rest or posture training) followed by a balance component before a gentle, stretching cool-down. By the end of the 7 days, you’ll have improved all 4 of the most important areas for managing & preventing osteoporosis. The best part? You’ll have better posture, more confidence while walking & greater overall strength too!

Instructor: Maria Raitt

Watch the class preview below:

Who is this course for?

  • Those with osteoporosis
  • People who want stronger bones
  • Anyone wanting to prevent future bone loss
  • Anyone concerned about falls & fractures
  • Those wanting trustworthy balance
  • Anyone who wants to improve their overall health
  • Everyone! All the exercises in this class are gentle & will improve your quality of life

What are the benefits?

  • Maintain healthy bones
  • Increase bone & muscular strength
  • Decrease the rate of bone loss
  • Improve posture & balance
  • Greater mobility & stamina
  • Reduce the risk of falls & injuries
  • Greater sense of confidence & independence

With this class, you'll get:

  • 7 days of step-by-step classes
  • 30 minutes per session
  • Zero floorwork required
  • Closed captioning
  • Instant access
  • Own all classes for life (NO subscription)
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Do I need to get down on the floor and back up? There is one optional floorwork stretch at the end of each class that can also be completed while laying on a firm bed or other surface instead.
  • What equipment is needed? You will need a chair, a pair of dumbbells, a resistance band, a pillow or towel, space around you, access to a wall, a yoga mat (for the floorwork option) or a firm bed (for the non-floorwork option), and an exercise step which is optional.
  • How physically demanding is this class? Most of the exercises are simple and use only your own body weight. These are easy to do and require little fitness in advance.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mary Catania
Building strength

I have done two days of this video and already feel the strength building in my weak legs.

That's amazing to hear!

Julia Harbord
great class

I am really enjoying this class, and I can feel it working

Hi Julia! Thank you for your review, we're glad to hear that you can feel it working for you!

Frances Grut
Osteoporosis exercises for strong bones digital

These exercises are fantastic. I have osteoporosis so want to build stronger bones if possible as last December broke my wrist. Well explained and not hard to do.

Hi Frances,

We love hearing how the course and exercises are helping you build stronger bones, Frances!

Better5 Support

Osteoporosis exercises

Love it. I can increase or decrease intensity to accommodate how I feel that day. Movements are not particularly strenuous but you feel it the next day! Some of her explanations seem to ramble on a bit while you’re waiting to get started on the exercises. I’d recommend the course.

Hi Eliza,

Thanks again for taking the time to write a review!

Better5 Support