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7-Day Chair-Only Hip Renewal DVD

7-Day Chair-Only Hip Renewal DVD

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Fix Your Hips—From A Chair!

How to go from stiff, sore & painful hips to walking, standing and bending pain-free—in just 10 minutes a day

  • 7 Days Of Classes
  • 10 Minutes/Session
  • No floorwork
  • Rated: Easy/Gentle
  • Equipment: Chair; Yoga Block; Resistance Bands; Massage Roller (Or Rolling Pin)

Instructor: Dr. Ben Stevens

Trusted by 1000s of older adults, this is one of Better5’s most popular classes because it effectively reduces pain while increasing hip function—without having to get down on the floor. If you have just 10 minutes a day… you can finally say goodbye to that constant hip pain.

By gently strengthening the muscles that support your hips, you’ll be able to walk, sit, stand & get up a lot easier. As you progress, your hips & pelvis will start working together better, reducing the friction and pain that happens when joints come out of alignment. These exercises are designed to increase your hip mobility so you can bend and move freely while adding stability so your hips can do their job the way they are supposed to.

It’s a very short & easy class with absolutely no impact on your joints thanks to the chair.

Watch the class preview below:

Who is this course for?

  • People with stiffness, pain or arthritis in their hips
  • Anyone who gets pain in their hamstrings or glutes
  • Those who get hip pain from sitting too long
  • Anyone whose hips are causing knee or back problems
  • Older adults who can’t sleep, stand, sit or lay for extended periods of time because of hip pain
  • Anyone looking for seated hip exercises

What are the benefits?

  • Improved hip flexibility and mobility
  • Pain reduction or elimination
  • Increased mobility
  • Reduced risk of falling
  • Increased lower body strength
  • Better balance & stability
  • Increased hip joint stability
  • Normalized walking pattern

With this class, you'll get:

  • 7 days of step-by-step classes
  • 10 minutes per session
  • ZERO floorwork—absolutely no getting down on the ground
  • Closed captioning
  • A hard copy DVD mailed directly to you
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Do I need to get down on the floor and back up? No. There is ZERO getting down on the ground. 
  • What equipment is needed? You will need a chair, yoga block, resistance bands, and a massage roller (or rolling pin).
  • How physically demanding is this class? This is an easy class that anyone can do. All exercises are simple and can be done by anyone of any fitness level.

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    100% Money Back Guarantee

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    Customer Reviews

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    Frances coffi
    Hip renewal

    I'm enjoying this program. I'm not able to do a lot of standing or on the floor Excersizes, but this I'm @ble to do

    Mickey Inzer

    Very helpful