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Joyful Chair Yoga Digital Class

Joyful Chair Yoga Digital Class

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Find More Happiness & Joy Every Day By Letting Go Of The Tension In Your Body & Mind—Entirely From A Chair

Slow down & enjoy the soothing process of letting go of negative thoughts, energy & tension so you can enjoy the present moment with more mobility, gratitude & positivity

  • 7 Days Of Classes
  • 25 Minutes/Session
  • No Floorwork (100% Seated)
  • Rated: Very Easy/Gentle
  • Equipment: Chair

Instructor: Shalanne Wilkison

This is an uplifting class that blends together the physical & the emotional—allowing you to free your body from stiffness & tension while freeing your mind from negativity & stress. Through gentle, calm yoga poses you’ll practice becoming fully immersed in the moment. Learning to be more present in each moment will help you to let go of all those stressful thoughts because your mind is focussed solely on the here & now. 

As you open up your entire body from your head to your toes, including high pressure areas like your neck, shoulders, hips & back, you’ll experience a sense of relief not just in your muscles, but in your mind too as you allow the tension to float away. You’ll feel calmer while connecting with positive feelings like gratitude and joy—leaving you feeling better in body, mind & spirit!

Watch the class preview below:

Who is this course for?

  • Those looking to cultivate more joy in their life
  • People who want a gentle & enjoyable way to add movement to their day
  • Anyone wanting to improve their range of motion 
  • People with tightness anywhere in their body
  • Those with mobility issues
  • Anyone who sits for most of the day
  • Those wanting to feel better in their body 
  • Beginners looking to get into a safe & effective yoga routine
  • Great for any age, any size, any body type!

What are the benefits?

  • Improves mood 
  • Increases feelings of joy, happiness & positivity
  • Boosts energy
  • Releases tightness in your fascia
  • Improves range of motion
  • Increases bodily comfort
  • Improves flexibility & mobility
  • Removes tension from your muscles & your mind

With this class, you'll get:

  • 7 days of step-by-step classes
  • 25 minutes per session
  • ZERO floorwork—absolutely no getting down on the ground
  • Closed captioning
  • Instant access
  • Own all classes for life (NO subscription)
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Do I need to get down on the floor and back up? No, there is zero floorwork required for this course. It is entirely done from a seated position.
  • What equipment is needed? All you'll need a sturdy chair.
  • How physically demanding is this class? This is a gentle & easy class that anyone of any fitness level can do. All movements & poses are slow & gentle.

Instant access after purchase.

How to use

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee for 90 days. If for whatever reason you are not pleased with a class, we will refund you. If you want to try out another class, we can swap out any class for another! 

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