Who Else Wants To Look & Feel More Natural Going From Sitting To Standing?

Improve your balance & strength to make your sit-to-stand smoother & easier—while learning the correct way to get up from & lower yourself onto chairs

Improved Sit to Stand Digital Class
Improved Sit to Stand Digital Class

Improved Sit to Stand Digital Class

Regularly $47


Regain your ability to easily get up and down from chairs, the toilet, couches and even out of the car.

This course builds up the strength in the muscles you use in your sit-to-stand movements while improving your balance so you can get up smoothly & safely.

 You'll learn how to distribute your weight properly as you transition from sitting to standing & where your center of gravity should be. This will help you support your body where it needs it during your sit-to-stand while removing unnecessary strain on your joints & muscles.

7 Days Of Classes

20 Mins/Session


What are the benefits?

✅ Confidence in getting up and down from a chair
✅ Improved balance
✅ Increased strength and resilience
✅ Reduced risk of falling
✅ Lower yourself onto couches, chairs & the toilet with ease
✅ Get out of vehicles easier

Who Is This Bundle For?

- Anyone intimidated by getting in and out of a chair
- People looking to increase balance and stability
- Those looking for greater resilience, strength, and confidence
- Older adults worried about taking a fall
- Beginner’s looking for an easy-to-do entry-level class
- Anyone who wants to be confident on their feet

What You'll Get

✅ 7 days of step-by-step classes
✅ 20 minutes per session
✅ A series of progressive exercises designed to increase your ability to get in and out of a chair safely
✅ Easy, follow-along instruction by a certified professional
✅ Own the entire program for life
✅ Instant access after purchase
✅ ZERO floorwork—absolutely no getting down on the ground
✅ 100% money-back guarantee + free replacement class

Instructor: Dr. Ben Stevens
Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, CSCS, CES/PES, personal trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get down on the floor and back up?

No. You will never have to get down on the ground.

What equipment is needed?

All you need is a chair, a flat resistance band, a yoga block, a massage ball (a lacrosse ball or tennis ball will work), and a balance implement to hold onto.

How physically demanding is this class?

This is an easy class that anyone can do.

How do I watch my classes?

Once you make your purchase, you’ll receive a login to watch all your classes from our website. You can watch your classes from any device, including your phone, tablet or computer. You will own & have online access to each easy-to-follow video forever with absolutely NO subscription fees.

100% Money-Back Guarantee + Free Replacement Class

If for any reason you do not LOVE this class, simply email us within 90 days and we will refund you 100% with NO questions asked, PLUS we'll give you any replacement class you want for free! 

Improved Sit to Stand Digital Class
Improved Sit to Stand Digital Class

Improved Sit to Stand Digital Class

Regularly $47


Want this class on DVD instead? 

Improved Sit to Stand DVD

Improved Sit to Stand DVD
Improved Sit to Stand DVD